64% of us
believe in the paranormal.

50% claim to have felt the presence of a ghost. 35% believe their current or past home is haunted.
source: One Poll study (Oct. 2021)

Paranormal activity routinely happens. 

It’s common to hear footsteps in an empty house, to sense a presence watching you when no one is around, and to feel an uneasiness when entering a room. 

Paranormal activity can also make you feel stuck, sluggish and have unusually negative thoughts.

negative energy is harmful

Negative energy in the form of ghosts, evil spirits, entities, and detrimental energy lines can wreak havoc in people’s lives.


By clearing the presence of negative energy, you and your family will have a greater feeling of comfort in your home and everyday life.

The No More Ghosts team
are Paranormal Experts

Hi, we are Alyssa McDowell and Renee Mango. We both have shamanic skills that allow us to work between dimensions to remove all types of paranormal activity you are experiencing in your home and life.

We also dissolve the portals and detrimental energy lines that allow ghosts easy access to yourself, surroundings and property.

We are trusted to remove paranormal
activity for the following reasons:

Selling a Home

When your home doesn’t sell quickly, buyers may sense a weird feeling and that’s probably a ghost.

Enjoying a Home

You are hearing unexplained noises and activity. You and/or your child may be afraid to enter a room.

Everyday Life

You are experiencing brain fog, headaches, lethargy, stress, anxiety, forgetfulness, and/or sleep issues.

Business Settings

Customers and employees feel uneasiness and weird sensations at an office or restaurant.

Clearing a Property

Land is ancient and spirits can attach themselves and their negative energy to your property.

Unexplained Feelings

Do you feel something is blocking your success? Do you feel cursed? Do you feel something is attached to you?

Working with No More Ghosts
is a three step process.

We discuss

In this introductory call, we discuss the paranormal activity you are experiencing and arrange the clearing.

we clear

It takes about one-hour for No More Ghosts to clear your home, self and surroundings of its negative energy.

you Relax

Feel the comfort, calm, safety, and happiness when your surroundings and self are cleared of paranormal activity.

No More Ghosts


Experience greater comfort and peace-of-mind.

It takes about an hour to clear paranormal activity in a house, office and/or property. Afterwards, you should immediately feel a difference in the room where paranormal was present. The space should have a “brighter” and “lighter” feeling as opposed to a “dark” and “heavy” feeling when ghosts were present.


Feel the difference when paranormal activity is removed.

Remote clearings can be just as effective as on-site clearings. Our inherent shamanic abilities allow us to work inter-dimensionally as if time and space do not exist. As energy healers and psychic mediums, we can use our energy remotely, send energy remotely, and clear energy remotely.