People suffer needlessly from unnerving paranormal activity.

Entities can attach to a piece of furniture or antique that can being negative energy into your home and office. Entities can also gather and linger around your backyard property.

You might have a plumber or another worker visit your home and once they leave, you start to feel something isn’t right. You may have difficulty selling your house and wonder why buyers keep coming up with reasons why it’s not right for them. Perhaps you have moved to a new apartment, house, or office and find being there makes you feel uneasy.

Entities, magnetic portals and detrimental energy lines are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Entities can be ghosts, imps, evil spirits, or even family members who have passed on but are for some reason still clinging to a person (perhaps out of remorse). Magnetic portals attract entities and if left unclosed, can cause everyday havoc. Detrimental energy lines are personally draining and can result in poor mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

These are signs you may have an entity attached to you or your home/office:

A feeling of being watched/not alone

Having low energy/feeling drained 

Headaches/brain fog

Problems with sleep

Feeling stuck or lost

Lethargy/lacking ambition

Hearing voices or unusual sounds

Doors/cabinets opening or closing

Hearing footsteps

Objects moved or thrown

A feeling of heaviness in the home

Having unusually negative thoughts

Not wanting to be in certain rooms of the house

No More Ghosts can clear this paranormal activity.

Alyssa and Renee have years of experience removing ghosts and other entities from buildings and people.

We also remove darkness, curses, and other malicious things that keep you from living your best life, including: 

  • Entity removal for people, places, pets, or things
  • Dissolving detrimental energy lines and portals in a house or on the property
  • Removal of all evil, darkness, or curses in people and their homes
  • Removal of blocks, holds, and anything that inhibits a person from moving forward
  • A shield can be placed over a person(s) and the home to help keep them safe
  • Energetic cords such as ancestral cords can be removed

No More Ghosts


Experience greater comfort and peace-of-mind.

It takes about an hour to clear paranormal activity in a house, office and/or property. Afterwards, you should immediately feel a difference in the room where paranormal was present. The space should have a “brighter” and “lighter” feeling as opposed to a “dark” and “heavy” feeling when ghosts were present.


Feel the difference when paranormal activity is removed.

Remote clearings can be just as effective as on-site clearings. Our inherent shamanic abilities allow us to work inter-dimensionally as if time and space do not exist. As energy healers and psychic mediums, we can use our energy remotely, send energy remotely, and clear energy remotely.


My husband and I had moved to a new house and while in the process of settling in, found ourselves feeling as if the house was extremely “busy”. We would get up and check the front door, the animals would jump suddenly and not want to be in certain parts of the house.

I asked Alyssa to perform a house clearing. The result was amazing. Within a few hours the “busyness” was gone, we no longer heard sounds at the front door and the animals were settled and calm. In fact, we have said it would make a wonderful housewarming gift!