The Team

Alyssa McDowell

Alyssa is a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and clairaudient with inherent shamanic abilities. She’s also an empath—someone who feels other people’s emotions. Throughout her years, Alyssa has cultivated her unique abilities and gifts to help thousands of people improve their quality of life.

Alyssa’s journey with home energy clearings began in early 2011 when her house went unsold for too long. An expert dowser taught Alyssa how to use divining rods to locate detrimental earth energy lines in her house. Alyssa realized these energy lines were allowing ghosts and other paranormal activity to pass through the house and create disturbances. Alyssa cleared her house of ghosts and 9 days later, the house sold!

Over the last 12 years, Alyssa has become an expert in clearing negative energy from homes, businesses, offices and property. As a seasoned energy healer, Alyssa has the gift to
psychically “tune in” to another dimension allowing her to determine energy issues that need to be resolved.

Alyssa McDowell is a Reiki master and Healing Touch practitioner through her
Mind Body Soul Greenville practice based in Greenville, SC. She is also a trusted and beloved metaphysics teacher leading hundreds of holistic workshops over the past decade.

Renee Mango

Renee always knew she was different and could sense things that others did not see or know. She always knew when people were in trouble or sick even if they didn’t tell her. Renee’s empath abilities and psychic gifts continue to grow and since working with Alyssa, she has developed her shamanic skills to sense and remove paranormal activity.

Renee works with angels and uses dowsing rods, pendulums, tuning forks, burning sage and anything else Sprit tells her to use to clear negative energy from homes and people. She systematically clears stagnate energies and entities attached to people, homes, places of work, vehicles, and anything else that needs to be cleared. Everything Renee clears, she replaces with the white light of the Holy Spirit, and blessings with prayer. Renee only works with The Divine, angels and the light!!!

It gives Renee great joy to help people find peace and comfort. She loves knowing her four clairs gifts she once thought were weird, and not talked about to avoid being ridiculed, are now transforming lives.