Introductory Phone Call

In this 15-minute conversation, we’ll ask you specific questions and begin to pick up on psychic clues to help us determine the severity of the paranormal activity. We’ll learn how long it has been going on and how it has affected you and your family. (If it’s a business, we’ll learn how it has affected customers and employees.)

At the end of the call, we’ll make a plan for either an on-site or remote clearing.


On-Site Clearing

Before we enter a home or office, we start tuning in to the space and the occupants on a psychic level. Upon entering the space, we pick up on the energy of the people, rooms, furniture and surroundings. Using our clairvoyant senses, we are constantly downloading below the surface information to help us identify the paranormal activity and negative energy lines present.

We go from room to room picking up on the energy using our dowsing rods and electromagnetic field (EMF) reader. Our dowsing rods will rotate when sensing electromagnetic energy in a room and remain still when sensing neutral energy. Dowsing rods also help us identify detrimental earth energy lines and the portals where ghosts can enter a room. The EMF reader measures invisible energy, and we look for spikes in the magnetic resonance reading to locate where paranormal entities are.

Once we find paranormal activity, we begin retrieving psychic information about the entity to resolven if it’s evil, a lost soul, a previous inhabitant, and if there are more entities. From there, we work with angels to clear the room of paranormal activity and work with the ghost(s) on their way to the white light (heaven) or elsewhere (hell).

We also call on the angels to close the detrimental earth energy lines present in the room so that ghosts will not travel on them again and ask the angels to close any portals in the room where ghosts appear from.

It takes about an hour to clear paranormal activity in a house, office and/or property. (Larger areas will of course take more than an hour to clear.) We go through each room of the house multiple times to ensure all negative energy is removed.

Occupants of the space should immediately feel a difference in the room where paranormal was present. The space should have a “brighter” and “lighter” feeling as opposed to a “dark” and “heavy” feeling when ghosts were present.

No More Ghosts will follow-up a few days later with either an email or phone call to learn if there is still a “brighter” and “lighter” feeling in the space. We will also tune-in remotely and send angels to clear any leftover negative energy. We want all our remote clearing clients to be fully satisfied with our work.


Remote Clearing

For remote clearings, we’ll have a longer introductory call and you can expect more emails/texts from us as we gather specific information about the issues you are experiencing. We then psychically tune-in to your residence or office. This is an intense meditative process where we are able to learn how many ghosts, portals and detrimental energy earth lines are present.

Once we have a deeper, more specific understanding of the negative energy in your space, we call on our angels to send ghost(s) to the light, remove portals and close harmful energy earth lines.

Remote clearings can be just as effective as on-site clearings. Our inherent shamanic abilities allow us to work inter-dimensionally as if time and space do not exist. As energy healers and psychic mediums, we can use our energy remotely, send energy remotely, and clear energy remotely.

After a remote clearing, No More Ghosts will follow-up to learn how the space feels and if you are still sensing the same or new paranormal activity. For the next month, we will tune-in remotely and send angels to clear any leftover negative energy. We want all our remote clearing clients to be fully satisfied with our work.


After buying a cabin in deepest woods Kentucky, we went from “paradise to paranormal” very quickly. We’ve witnessed Indian apparitions and heard disembodied voices at our cabin, mysterious knocks, footsteps, and electronic phenomena. We reached out for help and advice from our church, shamans, and spiritual people. Nothing changed… until we talked over the phone.

Your empathetic nature made an immediate impact on me and my wife, Charisse. During our phone call, you referenced many things that only Charisse and I would be aware of. Potential fire threats. A demon in the crawl space. Two daggers in my back. And, that the lady’s spirit who passed away in the cabin is not a threat to us, but just a soul that hadn’t transitioned yet.

 Following our phone call, the energy around us felt pure and from the light not the darkness. Your spiritual skills are incredible. The clairvoyance you possess and healing vibrations are powerful, even over the phone. The tools you shared of using crystals and mantras are a valued asset as we continue to stay in the light! We consider you a blessing to our lives and look forward to building our friendship and healing relationship.

 Bill & Charisse